Domains of Transformation

Its not just about processes and systems.
Its not just about processes and systems.

After investigating many different sources of change management expertise and business transformation knowledge, I have defined the following domains of transformation to drive change. Transformation is about more than process and system changes, no matter how much emphasis is placed on these elements, too frequently, we ignore the other domains, which too often end up being the root causes for failure of large scale change.

  • Strategy – What steps the organization plans take to differentiate itself.
  • Business Capabilities – How the organization wants to work and be measured.
  • Technical Enablers – The set of technology capabilities to fulfill the business capabilities
  • Culture – The values and beliefs of the organization.
  • Competencies – What the organization needs to perform their jobs well.
  • Structure – The organizational structure and units of authority.

2 thoughts on “Domains of Transformation

  1. “Build and implement a governance, prioritization, and time tracking capability, then focus on making the capability more mature over time.”

    I can’t agree more – organizations need to understand the product development life cycle and build governance around that if they are to succeed. The APQC has cultivating a process classification framework that underscores the true scope of the product development life cycle…

    In today’s world of fast paced agile development, governance often refers to the scrum or sprint not the product development lifecycle.
    Topics like, managing human capital, customer experience and brand are short-cut in the interest of advancing speed to market.

    In the 10 years I have worked with major transformational IT projects, culture, not governance or technology, has undermined success. IT cultures that promote speed over detail or convenience over quality always fall short and there is never time to clean-up.

    Develop strategy, promote discipline through governance, and reward attention-to-detail.

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