The “Change Management Manifesto”

If you are familiar with agile techniques from the software development industry, I propose that we as change leaders, can benefit from reflecting on agile principles. You can reference “The Agile Manifesto” at

In the same spirit, I propose the following “Change Management Manifesto”. The most effective change approaches embrace:

– Shared success over heroic efforts
– Culture evolution over strategic planning
– Customer-centric results over parochial goals
– Personal growth over organizational growth

While a comprehensive change management approach values and addresses all the concepts presented herein, this manifesto proposes the first attributes over the second attributes.

Much like the Agile Manifesto, I invite you to become a signatory of this manifesto and leave a comment to this post.

3 thoughts on “The “Change Management Manifesto”

  1. Of all the approaches listed in the article IMO Personal growth is better than organizational growth. I believe that through personal growth there a lot of things you can accomplish though each and every approach are important specially the business strategic planning.

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